Edward Norton - Filmografia
14 de Julho de 2011
1990 - 1995
1996 - 2000
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Only in America (1994) - Diretor: Robert Maidment Escritor: Peter Viney Atores: Nicholas J. Giangiulio, Barbara Gulan and Dani Klein Only In America is a video course in American English at beginner level. It comprises eight self-contained humorous short stories, entertaining comedy segments that provide a wealth of vivid images about American life. The video is performed by a small team of actors, including Mr. Edward Norton. Only In America was filmed in 1994, in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. Edward Norton features in Only in America in a variety of roles. In Video 1, “Duane & Donna in New York”, Mr. Norton is Duane, a young student from Minnesota, who together with his friend Donna, visits New York for the first time. In Video 4, “Big Deal!”, he is James, a very mysterious 'business associate'. In “Office Blues”, Edward is Bruno. He works in an office. He has a lot of things to do and today is his birthday. Mr. Norton is Eric in Video 6, “The Websters”. It is the funnier character...take a look at the pictures! During the shooting of this episode, there was one moment of apprehension. Ed (as Eric) had to start his battered car and lurch along the street. He said he’d let it drop back so as to nearly hit the car behind, then make it jump forward. All the crew were apprehensive as the car behind didn’t belong to them, and couldn’t be switched for one that did as it had already appeared on camera. Ed did it just as he had promised, missing the vehicle by about quarter of an inch. Fortunately the crew held the applause until after the director shouted, “cut!” In “The Artist”, Video 8, he is a museum guard, who absolutely doesn't understand anything about art. "My kid sister paints pictures like that, and she's only three year old!", he repeats over and over. Edward was magic on camera, and his role as Eric, the nerdy boyfriend in “The Websters,” had the whole crew in hysterics. The little addition of a Band-Aid to the spectacles was Ed’s idea. He is a superb comedian, though he is now so much better known for his serious roles. ESL/ELT video is not Hollywood, but Ed gave his total commitment and expertise throughout. He has the attention to detail. I had stills of him in several different shirts as he tried to decide which shirt said “Eric.” http://www.oocities.org/edwardnortononline/onlyinamerica.html Foto: http://edward-norton.org/oia/oiagal1.html
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